Polish Me Silly

Gotta Glow Nail Polish- Polish Me Silly

Gotta Glow Nail Polish- Polish Me Silly


Gotta Glow is such a GORGEOUS color and is soooo different from your normal multi-chrome! This beauty changes from a blush rosy pink, to a reddish pink, red, orange, gold, yellow and even green at certain angles! 

It looks incredible in your home, in any room, under any lighting condition, even in the shower :) It looks different in all different lighting situations... indoors and outdoors!

Thank you to @vodka_and_varnish & @manicentric & @britts_nail_polish_addiction for your gorgeous swatches!!!!

Part of our 3rd Set of Glow Pop Polishes!! 

This polish looks beautiful with 2 to 3 thick coats to achieve your desired look without a basecoat. 3 for full coverage! This polish is very smooth to the touch. Always finish your manicure with a great top coat! Be sure to check out our top coats to finish off these "Mirror Mirror" & "Top It Off"... 2 fantastic fast drying clear top coats!! Each one is unique in its own way! These photos above were taken in natural setting, such as our house and outdoors to show off the natural beauty of this polish. Side note: These photos were not taken in a light box or under any artificial lights or ring lights.