Polish Me Silly

Magic Glow Nail Polish- Polish Me Silly

Magic Glow Nail Polish- Polish Me Silly


♥ Magic Glow is INSANELY MIND BLOWING and AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS! It's a Medium Blue with a stunning red, pink, orange, yellow, green and blue shine/shimmer throughout this polish. The primary color is a medium blue with a stunning neon pink, orange, yellow, green and blu shimmer at all times and will shift throughout all the different colors listed as shown in the photos! It looks different in all different lighting situations... indoors and outdoors! GLOWS UNDER UV BLACKLIGHTS!!! 

All of our polishes from the new "Glow Pop Collection" are unlike any polish you've ever seen... they shine like mylar wrapping paper and each polish is soo unique in its own way!! They look like an optical illusion... such a cool effect on your nails! 

This polish requires 2 to 3 thick coats to achieve your desired look without a basecoat. This polish is very smooth to the touch. Always finish your manicure with a great top coat! Be sure to check out our top coats to finish off these "Mirror Mirror" & "Top It Off"... 2 fantastic fast drying clear top coats!! Each one is unique in its own way! 

***DISCLAIMER: THE COLORS/POLISHES IN THE PHOTOS ABOVE MAY BE ALTERED DUE TO LIGHTING, CAMERA QUALITY AND SATURATION. These photos represent a moment in time under special lighting conditions***